Interactive Real-Time Control System for The Artificial Hand


In recent years, the number of researches in the field of artificial limbs has increased significantly in order to improve the performance of the use of these limbs by amputees. During this period, High-Density surface Electromyography (HD-sEMG) signals have been employed for hand gesture identification, in which the performance of the classification process can be improved by using robust spatial features extracted from HD-sEMG signals. In this paper, several algorithms of spatial feature extraction have been proposed to increase the accuracy of the SVM classifier, while the histogram oriented gradient (HOG) has been used to achieve this mission. So, several feature sets have been extracted from HD-sEMG signals such as; features extracted based on HOG denoted by (H); features have been generated by combine intensity feature with H features denoted as (HI); features have been generated by combine average intensity with H features denoted as (AIH). The proposed system has been simulated by MATLAB to calculate the accuracy of the classification process, in addition, the proposed system is practically validated in order to show the ability to use this system by amputees. The results show the high accuracy of the classifier in real-time which leads to an increase in the possibility of using this system as an artificial hand.