qatar 1887 - 1913 m dirasat fi 'awdaeiha al'iidariat walaiqtisadiat min khilal alwathayiq aleuthmania


Qatar suffered from a huge decline in its management situation. Ottoman's state tried hardly to change the managing system in Qatar from a non-central to a central one from 1887 to 1913. This is by establishing new sectors such as Zebara, Alodaid and Alwaqra and connecting them to the main sector (Qatar). This makes these sub sectors as individual or semi-connected areas to the main sector (Qatar) due to numbers of attacks from both British and Abo-Dabi as a part of a conflict between Great Britain and Ottoman's state at that time. The military system of Ottoman's state was weak and unable to apply the central system at these sectors (Zebara, Alodaid and Alwaqra). This has an adverse effect on the economy situation. The bad economy situation of these sectors in addition to the conflict between Albab-Alalli and Jasim Al –Thani on controlling the customs office established by Ottoman's state and the rejection of Al –Thani to apply the central system, led to very hard decline in the economy situation in Qatar. Ottoman's state was able to improve this bad situation after a direct control of Qatar by restricting the control power of Al –Thani.