Effect of diphenhydramine and chloropyramine on the reproductive performance of male rats.


The effect of diphenhydramine HCL 10mg/Kg and chloropyramine HCL 7mg/Kg on the reproductive performance was studied in adult male rats. After 30 days or oral administration, these drugs did not cause significant changes in the quality of the epdidymal spermatoze and serum testosterone concentration. Treatment for a period of 60 days, diphenhydramine HCL produced significantly reduction in cell concentration, percentage of the progressive motility of spermatozoa and serum testosterone concentration. The increase in the percentage of the dead and morphological abnormal sperms was not significant. Chloropyramine HCl for a period of 60 days caused significant reduction in the percentage of the progressive motility of the spermatozoa and serum testosterone concentration, whereas other measured parameters were not significantly altered. It is concluded that prolonged administration 60 days of disphenhydramine HCL and chloropyramine HCL affect adversely the reproduction performance of adult male rates, although disphenhydramine was the most effective in this respect.