Effect of IBA and ROTEX-3 on some root and vegetative properties of pomegranate cuttings under watering conditions with magnetized water.


This study was carried out during the growing season 2018-2019 on pomegranate cuttings in order to know the extent of its response to rooting and growth using the growth regulator (IBA) and the Rotex-3 compound and watering with magnetized water The study included the effect of three factors, the first factor three concentrations of growth regulator (IBA) It is (0,1000,2000 mg / l), and the second factor is three concentrations of the Rooting Rotex-3 compound (0,1000,2000 mg / l). The third factor is the quality of irrigation water where two types of irrigation water were used, normal water and magnetized water. Strongly (1500) causs, with four replications per transaction. The treatment of (1000)mgL concentration of IBA highest significal Increase in most characterists rooting and vegetative such as (percentage of rooting ratio , length root , number of roots , fresh weight roots , dry weight roots , seedling length , seedling dimension , number of branch ) record ( 70.04% , 15.52 cm , 6.12 root , 13.92 gm , 93.06 gm 72. 58 cm , 8.22 mm , 5.62 branch) respect play while (1000) mg L Rootex-3 record highest significal Increase in same characteristic (percentage of rooting ratio , length root , number of roots , fresh and dry weight of root , seedling length , seedling dimension , number of branches ) was (84.25% , 4.89cm , 8.76mm , 5.58branch )while (2000) mgL Rotex-3 recorded highest significant Increase in too characters ( number of leaves , area of leaves ) was (90.16 leafseedling , 7.87cm ) and ( 94.54 leafseedling , 7.71 cm) respect ply the treatment of magnetic water recorded highest significal Increase in all rooting and vegetative characteristic and the combination treatment of (1000) mgL IBA + (1000) mgL Rootex-3 recorded highest significal Increase of most rooting and vegetative characteristic