Measuring the levels of microalbumin and cystatin-C in the Patients with diabetes in the city of Samarra


The study aimed to evaluate the level of microalbumin and cyststin C and its relation to kidney damage caused by diabetes . This study was completed from the beginning of August 2019 to the end of January 2020. Blood and urine samples were collected from 40 people with diabetes male and female patients from Samarra general hospital and some outpatient clinics in the city ranged in age (26-70) and 20 healthy people of similar ages and considered a control group, the level of microalbumin was measured in urine and The results showed a rise in morale at the level (P< 0.01) in the concentration of microalbumin in urine and cyststin C in serum in people with diabetes compared to the control group, as well as the results showed a higher level of microalbumin in men while the level of microalbumin decreased microalbumin in women, while the level of cyststin C was noted not affected by sex, while the results of the study showed a high level of microalbumin and cyststin C in different age groups. From the current study, we conclude the negative impact of diabetes on the functions and functions of the kidney, by diagnosing the rise in microalbumin levels, cyststin C, which are modern and accurate criteria for diagnosing kidney safety.