The role of Tamsulosin in the treatment of ureteral stent related symptoms in Basrah General Hospital


This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of tamsulosin which is an α1-blocker as a therapeutic agent to alleviate ureteral stent related symptoms. Seventy-two patients were included in this prospective study from August 2018 to August 2019 in Basrah Teaching Hospital. All patients underwent ureteroscopic management of ureteral stones and ureteral stent had been inserted for about one month period. Patients were divided into two groups; a tamsulosin group, and a control group. Then the International Prostatic Symptoms Scores (IPSS) & Quality of life (QoL) were compared after one-month period. This study shows a significant decrease in the total IPSS, irritative IPSS, obstructive IPSS and the QoL scores with the administration of tamsulosin. In conclusion: The administration of tamsulosin in patients with ureteral stent is useful in decreasing the ureteral stent related symptoms.


ureteral stent