The Ambition of the Zincians in the Levant after Salah EL-Din AL-Ayoubi


This research deals with the desire of the Zengid after Salah al-Din Ayyubi to recover what they lost from cities after the death of their Emir Noureddine Mahmoud bin Emad al-Din Zangi, as they had lost their cities in the Levant after the battle of Tel-Sultan and became the hands of the Ayyubids, as the death of Salah al-Din and the occurrence of differences between his sons encouraged the Zengid princes Izz al-Din Masood and his son Prince Nuruddin Arslan Shah to move and work to regain their land in the Levant, but some obstacles stood in front of them and prevented them from this project, most notably the presence of some unfaithful people of the Zengid agents and the many alliances against them.