The Effect of Using Different Levels of Red Ginseng Roots Powder on some Physiological Characteristics of Japanese Quail Males (Coturnix japonica)


The current study was conducted to investigate the effect of addingdifferent levels of ginseng roots to the diet on some physiological characteristics ofJapanese quail males. A total of 120 Japanese quail males aged one week were used inthis study. The males were randomly distributed into four experimental treatments(n=30). Each treatment was replicated three times (10 individual each). Males were fedexperimental diets that were formulated to contain the same components as the controldiet which contained red ginseng roots powder at levels 250, 500 and 750 mg/ kg feedin other three experimental diets respectively. The results showed that the males of thefourth treatment recorded the lowest mean of the age of sexual puberty. While thehighest average of sexual puberty age was recorded by the males of first treatment. Onthe other hand, the fourth treatment recorded the highest relative weight of testescompared with the other treatments at the age of 30 and 60 days. The results indicatedthat the males of the fourth treatment recorded highest Testosterone, FSH and LH levelscompared with the other treatments at the age of 60 days. We can conclude from thisstudy that the highest concentration of powder ginseng roots (750mg/kg feed) canpromote the development of testes and increase testosterone, FSH and LH hormones inthe serum of Japanese quail males.