The Effects of Foliar Spraying of Folic Acid and Cysteine on Growth, Chemical Composition of Leaves and Green Yield of Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.)


An experiment was conducted during winter growing season of 2018 /2019 at Al-Qurnah sub-district, Basrah Governorate to study the effect of foliar spraying of folic acid and amino acid cysteine at different concentrations on growth, Minerals, chlorophyll contents and green yield faba bean (Vicia faba cv. Luz de otono). The study included sixteen treatments Consist of four concentration of folic acid (o,10,20 and 30) mg.L-1 in combination with four concentrations of Cysteine (0,10,20 and 30) mg.L-1. The results indicated that spraying with folic acid or cysteine significantly increased all vegetative growth characteristics (shoot height, branch number, leaflet number and fresh and dry weight of shoot system per plant), N, P, K, chlorophyll content of leaves and green pod yield/plant and fresh seed yields /plant. Spraying with folic acid at 30 mg.L.-1 and cysteine at 30 mg.L.-1 gave the greatest values of growth parameters, chlorophyll and yield, whereas 20 mg.L-1 folic acid with 30 mg.L-1 Cysteine was produced the highest values of N, P and K in faba bean leaves as compared with other combination treatments. Control treatment gave the lowest values for growth parameters, chlorophyll, N, P, K and yield.