Designing Program for Intermediate School Students According to the Guided Scientific Imagination Strategy


This research aims to design a program for intermediate schools' students according to the guided scientific imagination strategy. To reach this aim the researchers design a program in regard to the guided scientific imagination strategy in the light of Bafio's theory. The designed program consists of 26 lectures to comprise 6 fields; viz., recognition, flexibility, imagination, day dreams, maintenance direction and withdrawal from reality. Those are fields of guided scientific imagination which are setted by the researchers. Then, the lectures have been presented to group of jurors specialized in education and psychology. The sample comprises 80 first year students in the intermediate school in Mosul / left sector for the academic year 2017-2018. The program characterized with validity and obviousness when it administered for the sample. The lecture lasts for 40-45 minutes. Hence, the aim of the research was fulfilled. Number of recommendations and suggestions have been setted.