Design of Multi-Rate Multi-Zone Wireless Fuzzy Temperature Control System for Greenhouse Application


sensor sampling rate (SSR) may be an effective and crucial field in networked control systems. Changing sensor sampling period after designing the networked control system is a critical matter for the stability of the system. In this article, a wireless networked control system with multi-rate sensor sampling is proposed to control the temperature of a multi-zone greenhouse. Here, a behavior based Mamdany fuzzy system is used in three approaches, first is to design the fuzzy temperature controller, second is to design a fuzzy gain selector and third is to design a fuzzy error handler. The main approach of the control system design is to control the input gain of the fuzzy temperature controller depending on the current zone and current sensor rate for each zone. Due to the low input gain of the fuzzy controller, the steady state output error of the greenhouse temperature is in the range (0.55 – 11.22) % when the system using five sensors of different sampling rates and in the range (2.43 - 16.74) % when the system using five sensors with the same sampling rates. Next, after designing the fuzzy error handler, this error doesn’t exceed 1.6%, but in most cases it is less than 0.15%.The work is Simulink designed and implemented using Matlab R2012b. The Zigbee wireless network is proposed for the system, it is implemented in Matlab using True time 2.0 library.