Student Attitudes towards Rooting the Educational Administration Field: A Field Study for Phd Students in the Department of Educational Administration at Umm al-Qura University


The study sought to identify the attitudes of PhD students towards establishing the field of educational administration. The study followed the descriptive survey method. The questionnaire was used to collect information from the study community consisting of (95) male and female students in the department of educational administration and Planning. Among the most important results about students ’attitudes towards establishing the educational administration field are the following: 1) identifying the necessity of establishing the educational administration field. 2) Encouraging students to attend seminars and scientific conferences in Islamic rooting. 3) there are no statistically significant differences in the attitudes of doctoral students towards establishing educational administration according to the gender variable and the university graduated from with a master’s degree. Finally, the study recommends that the department of the scientific department should reconsider the methodology of the department of educational administration as a scientific major, as well as, the used references in teaching.