Study the Histopathological Effects of Sildenafil Treatment on the Kidney of Adult Male Rats


The present study was aimed to detection the histopathological changes on the kidney of male rats treated with sildenafil drug. In this study, 40 adult male rats were used. These rats divided into four equal groups, each group involved ten rats, group I receive normal saline (1ml/Kg) as control group (N= 10). Group II, III and group IIII was received sildenafil orally at a with following concentration of (1.25,2.5 and 5mg/kg) body weight for 3 months respectively. At the end of experiments. All animals are euthanized and both kidney samples are collected for histopathology assessment. The result demonstrate deferent lesion in kidney structures in treated groups involved degeneration and necrosis of cortical renal tubules, Area of cystic dilation in glomeruli. Cystic dilation in renal tubules also the result recorded dilation glomeruli with dilation of bowman space, finally dilation glomeruli’s with degenerate cellularity and calcification of tubules in compared to control group including normal glomeruli and normal renal tubules