Investigation of overall mass transfer coefficient of CO2 absorption in packed Column


Mixtures of different types of amine solution Monoethanolamine, Diethanolamine, and Triethanolamine were experimentally used to investigate the overall mass transfer coefficient (KGa) at different operating parameters. The experiments were made in a packed bed reactor (PBR) with 75 cm in high and10 cm inside diameter as a gas-liquid contactor at 25℃ and atmospheric pressure, using a simulation gaseous mixture (air, carbon dioxide) with recycle stream (semi-continuous process). Experimental design process Taguchi was employed. Four factors and three levels were chosen and exploded using L9 (3 ^4) orthogonal array design. These parameters for semi-continuous process were namely: gas flow rate 5,10,and 15 L/min ,airflow rate80,90,and 100 L/h, liquid flow rate 400,450,and 500 mL/min and time absorption time 30,45,and 60min . A Shimadzu GC-8A Gas Chromatograph with a thermal conductivity detector was used to measure the CO2 concentration absorbed in aqueous blended solution. The maximum value for CO2 loading was 8.622 (mol CO2/mol amine) at 15 L/min gas flow and 450 mL/min liquid flow and 100 L/h airflow for 60 min from absorption time. The results showed that the max value of KGa is 0.048 S-1.