A preliminary study on incidence of uterine prolapse in some local breeds of cattle in Iraq


One hundred and twelve cows of local Iraqi breeds (Karadi and Sharabi), aged 3-8 years, suffering from uterine prolapse, were brought by farmers to the clinic, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Mosul during a period of 1984 to 1988. The uterine prolapse represented a proportional morbidity (relative to other periparturient obstetric cases) of 12.9% (866/112). A higher risk of uterine prolapse was observed in Karadi than in sharabi breed. Age of animals and the calving rats were positively correlated with incidence of the disease. Uterine prolapse associated with milk fever formed a higher incidence 40.1%. Dystocia, retained placenta and twining formed incidence of 21.4, 12.5 and 2.6% respectively. Uterine prolapse was observed more frequently during winter and autumn.