Investigating and Analyzing the Musical Elements and Verbal Forms of the Ode “O’ God! There is a body laid on the sand in Karbala” by Sharif Razi on the Elegy of Imam Hussein (PBUH)


Abstract:-Sharif Razi as one of the most well-known figures of the poetry and literature arena in Abbasid Era has dedicated a considerable part of his Divan to the Elegy Technique. He has recited elegies for political characters and religious patterns as well as his own relatives and friends. He has heart-burning odes and elegies in mourning for the lord and master of all martyrs and this is indicative of his true love for his highness. The present study aims at criticizing and analyzing one of Sharif Razi’s odes, named “O’ God! There is a body laid on the sand in Karbala” through adopting a stylistic approach based on a descriptive and analytical method so that the ode can be explored in two levels, to wit its musical elements and its verbal forms, to eventually unravel some aesthetical aspects of the ode. It was elaborated in an investigation of the musical structure of this mournful ode that besides underlining the external musical aspect within the format of rhythm and rhyme, the poet has taken advantage of the “music of letter repetition: and it is such a repetition that has enabled him to more intensively induce his sensual concerns and palpitations regarding Ashoura Incident in the elegy. He has also made use of verbal techniques and forms reflecting his taste and soft spirit of the poet because he has not limited himself to compulsory use and forging of figurative speech so as to decorate and ornament his poem; instead, he has made a favorable and pleasant use of the verbal forms and figures of speech as deemed expedient in consideration of the verses and his success in using the various kinds of verbal forms is clearly vivid in his observance of eloquence principles of these styles. Keywords: Sharif Razi, elegy, poetical music, repetition, verbal forms