Healthcare Monitoring and Analytic System Based Internet of Thing


In this work, a healthcare monitoring system-based Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is proposed, implemented, analyze it by artificial intelligence using fuzzy logic. Atmega microcontroller was used to achieve the function of the proposed work and provide the area for monitoring and Analytic(decision) to the caretakers or doctors through putting the results in the platform. In this paper, the heart rate pulse sensor and infrared temperature sensor are chosen, which give skin temperature and room temperature to provide their results to the caretaker. The decision that gives the patient is in a normal state, or the fuzzy logic does an abnormal state or risk state. The fuzzy logic is used for it accurate and fast in processing data and gives a result very closer to the reality in smart health services. IoMT enables the doctors and caretakers to monitor the patient easily at any time and any place by using their intelligent laptops, tablets, and phones. Finally, the proposed system can contribute to the construction of a wide healthcare monitoring system in the unit or in the department that follows on for the hospital. Therefore, Doctors can improve the accuracy of the diagnosis, as they receive all the patient data necessary.