Control Strategy of Reactive Power Sharing in an Islanded Microgrids


Precise power sharing considered is necessary for the effective operation of an Autonomous microgrid with droop controller especially when the total loads change periodically. In this paper, reactive power sharing control strategy that employs central controller is proposed to enhance the accuracy of fundamental reactive power sharing in an islanded microgrid. Microgrid central controller is used as external loop requiring communications to facilitate the tuning of the output voltage of the inverter to achieve equal reactive power sharing dependent on reactive power load to control when the mismatch in voltage drops through the feeders. Even if central controller is disrupted the control strategy will still operate with conventional droop control method. additionally, based on the proposed strategy the reactive power sharing accuracy is immune to the time delay in the central controller. The developed of the proposed strategy are validated using simulation with detailed switching models in PSCAD/EMTDC.