Models Of Public -Private Partnership Contracts PPP In The Tourism Sector (Selected Countries) With A Special Reference To Iraq


The implementation of tourism development projects requires the allocation of funds, efficient human resources, and modern methods, to build and construct tourist facilities and infrastructure, such as hotels, transportation, airports, recreational places and other facilities, and since the public sector alone is unable to advance investment requirements, the need for coordination and cooperation between the public sector and the private sector arises through the approach of PPP contracts.Where partnership contracts between the public and private sectors ppp play an important role in supporting tourism development, as the experiences of many of the world's tourist countries have demonstrated this importance, as they play a fundamental role in providing support in terms of necessary financing, expertise and efficiency, to establish various tourism projects, while we see Iraq which possesses a huge and varied tourism potential, desperately needs comprehensive and sustainable development, as he faces many challenges that hinder tourism development efforts, and when implementing PPP contracts, he will occupy his privileged position in providing a large part of Iraq's revenues, given that the tourism sector is a pioneer in creating interactions with other branches and economic activities.