Psychological Resilience and its Relation to Tactical Attack Thinking during the Mental Dynamics of Football Players


The aim of the research was to build the psychological stability of the first class clubs in Salahuddin province and learn about the relationship between psychological steadfastness and thinking during the biological mental rhythm course in the days of the top, (294) players, while (20) players were excluded for their participation in the exploratory experiment. The players of Al-Dour Club were excluded for not handing over the application forms. The sample consisted of (26) players, and the sample building (238) players, while the sample of the application of the players of the Club Samarra (10) players, and the researcher to build a measure of psychological steadfastness of the players of first-class clubs and players of first- Salahuddin football has a high degree of psychological steadfastness and a low degree of tactical thinking.