Negotiations leading to contracting in the Iraqi civil law (An analytical and analytical study)


Negotiations leading to the contracting are an essential stage in the contracting process, since the contractual balance to be concluded depends on the smooth functioning of these negotiations and will plays a key role in the nodal negotiations. Negotiations arise when the will of one of the parties enters into negotiations with a view to reaching the planned contract.The means or formula followed by negotiators in the negotiations does not follow an approach. The parties' will be free to conduct such negotiations directly by means of ambiguity or verbalization or can be conducted through the exchange of correspondence, correspondence or any method determined by the will of the negotiating parties.The study aimed to determine the nature of the negotiations for the conclusion of the contract, as well as the legal nature of the negotiation stage of the contract, by establishing a contractual nature for this stage. This is because there is an agreement to negotiate between the parties and the consequent consequences. The parties to the negotiations, the legal value to be enjoyed by the agreements that permeate that stage, as well as their proof of proof.