Building the comfort zone scale for physical education teachers


The aim of this research is to build a measure of comfort zone for teachers of physical education in middle, preparatory and secondary schools in the center of Nineveh province for the academic year 2018-2019. And to identify the differences between the hypothesis average and the answers of the respondents in general on the comfort zone scale. The researchers used the descriptive approach to its relevance and nature of the research. The number of members of the research community (198) teachers were randomly divided into the sample preparation of the research tool and reached (148) teachers. The sample of the final application of the research tool and consisted of (50) teachers. The comfort zone meter is built and verified for reliability and consistency. The scale consists of (6) areas covered by (42) items to measure the comfort zone. The results showed that the comfort zone scale has suitable scientific specifications. The results also showed that the teachers of physical education in the middle, middle and high schools were relocated to the rest area. In order to complement the usefulness of the current research, the researchers came up with a number of recommendations.