The impact of information technology on the banking marketing mix Applied research in the Rasheed Bank


The objective of the research is to uncover the impact of IT elements (physical components, software, databases, communication networks, human resources) in achieving the effect on the marketing marketing mix in Rasheed Bank in Baghdad. A questionnaire was developed and distributed to a sample of 95 male and female members of different ages and scientific qualifications, 90 of which were valid for analysis. In order to process the data, a number of statistical methods were used Standard deviation, coefficient of spearman and regression coefficient using the statistical program (spss). The main findings of the research were the existence of a positive correlation and effect of information technology in achieving the banking marketing mix. The most important recommendations were the need to strengthen the relationship between employees intellectually and socially to support information technology and develop the level of marketing mix banking through the establishment of training courses to improve the performance of work in the Rasheed Bank. keywords: information technology and marketing mix banking.