Organizational culture and its role in enhancing the effectiveness of management decision-making An exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of Salahuddin Governorate Directorate of Education employees


The research aims to define the organizational culture and its role in enhancing the effectiveness of administrative decision-making among a selected sample of Salahuddin Governorate Education Directorate employees. The research problem is centered on the knowledge of the prevailing organizational culture pattern in the researched organization. Analytical results to be achieved, The questionnaire was as a main tool in collecting data and information related to the field side of the research, and the Salah al-Din Governorate Education Directorate was chosen as a field for research and testing its hypotheses, and the opinions of (62) employees of the mentioned department were explored, The research came out with a set of conclusions and proposals, the most important of which is that the organizational beliefs prevailing in the organization and the principles adhered to by individuals have a clear role in shaping the organization's mission and implementation of its strategies, as well as that participation in decision-making and the appropriate timing and ease of implementation is one of the effective administrative methods in achieving the goals of the organization.