The most important factors influencing the purchase decision-making for food imported consumer when - (a prospective study of the views of a sample of households in the province of Karbala


This research aims to know the number of elements that guide the consumer towards the product and no other competing products have been identified a group of actors to make a purchase decision, including demographic characteristics and social factors pertaining to consumers and the mental image that they hold about the products in question, the marketing mix and in providing an explanation theory and practice for producers and Almusenaian and administrators on the need to adopt the dictates of these elements in order to enable our organizations to respond to the requirements of domestic and overseas markets and keep pace with dynamic consumer tastes and stand on the reasons for choosing Iraqi consumer of foodstuffs imported to those local when buying for that information was collected from consumers living in the city Karbala. study relied on as a set of indicators and statistical tests and therefore have been marking a set of conclusions and the theoretical and field based on the findings of the study was to provide a set of recommendations consistent with these conclusions.