Evaluation of the effect of Samaclamed and Glucosam on liver enzymes of local rabbits


The current study was conducted on the 21 rabbits selected as theywere free of visible impairments and morbidity and one age. The animalswere devided into three equal groups: control group (C), the group ofrabbits that were taken with the drug Clocosam (G1) and the group ofrabbits that were taken with the drug Samaclamide (G2). The activity ofGGT, GOT, GPT, and ALP in drug-dose totals and control group was measuredand the results of the current study showed a significant increase in theactivity of liver enzymes in the dose totals of Clocosam and Samaclamideat a probability level Of P ≤0.05 compared to the control group, althoughthis increase is within the normal level. Conclusion: We conclude fromthe current study that the real estate of Samaclamed and Glucosam isconsidered a safe property for use in the treatment of type 2 diabetes


Liver, Samaclamed, Glucosam, GGT, GOT, GPT, .