Nonlinear Distortion Cancellation in Spatial Division Multiplexing System Based on RZ-Coded PCTWs Technique


spatial division multiplexing (SDM) system has been considered as promising systems due to its ability to transport a higher bit rate for longer transmission distance. However, nonlinear phase noise (NPN (degrades SDM system performance. In this paper, we propose return-to-zero (RZ)-coded phase-conjugated twin waves (PCTWs) to improve the effectiveness of nonlinear distortion cancellation in the SDM system. In this approach, the PCTWs are modulated by m-array quadrature amplitude modulation (mQAM) then RZ encoded. After that, RZ-mQAM PCTWs are co-propagated over two fibres links. The received signals are superimposed to suppress the NPN. An analytical model that characterizes the performance of spatial-multiplexed (SM) RZ-coded PCTWs scheme is developed. Moreover, we numerically investigate the system performance with 4QAM format at 20Gsymbol/s rate. The results display that the performance is substantially better for the proposed scheme. Transmission reaches of both 4QAM PCTWs and RZ-4QAM PCTWs schemes are extended by 77.8% and 100%, respectively, in contrast with the 4QAM scheme.