The Role of The Strategic Mindset in Improving Crisis Management Applied Study in The Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University


The aim of the study measure and analyze the correlations and impact between the Strategic Mindset (the independent variable) and crisis management (the dependent variable). Problem this study was to determine the nature of the relationship between the Strategic Mindset and crisis management in the researched organization. A sample was taken, which included a group of teachers at the Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University. The questionnaire was used as a main tool to collect study data, and a number of statistical measures were used to analyze study variables and test hypotheses, and after conducting the process of analysis of study data and hypotheses, a number of conclusions were reached, most notably the Strategic Mindset leads to awareness in the business environment in a way that enables the institution to obtain Visions of the current operations, anticipating the future and designing the necessary strategies to improve crisis management. A set of recommendations was built on the conclusions, the important of which is the need to use specialists to establish workshops and courses to strengthen the mechanisms and strategic plans that it would support decision makers in the researched organization in monitoring and measuring problems and finding solutions to crises.