The Impact of Transformational Leadership on Crisis Management: An Analytical Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Administrative Leaders in the University of Mosul Colleges


The transformational leadership pattern considers an important variable in administrative and organizational thought, especially in the field of leadership, which importance has started to increase. In view of the rapid and enormous transformations and multiple crises that the world is witnessing today in various fields and at all local, regional and global levels. That led to create more pressure, crises and conflicts that hinder progress many organizations. These organizations should stand with full force and imperative to confront them, be able to manage unexpected things imposed on them. In order to stand up and develop to live a state of dynamism and keep pace with rapid developments currently became the accelerating change and complexity the most important qualities for organizations in current century. In this regard, this study pointed the problem by raising two research questions as following: 1.Does the researched organization have a clear perceived of the concept of transformational leadership and crisis management?2.Does the researched organization have a clear vision of how to face the crisis? To answer the research questions above, and to measure the correlation and influence between the twovariablesin this studie, a number of statistical methods were used for data collected by the questionnaire. The research is tested at the University of Mosul. A sample of administrative leaders were selected of various scientific, medical colleges at the University of Mosul, and the questionnaire was distributed at a rate of (40) questionnaire forms. The research seeks to achieve a set of objectives as follows:1.Definition the concept of transformational leadership and explaining its various dimensions and characteristics as a modern management concept.2.Defining the concept of crisis management, its stages, dealing with it, and steps for dealing with it.3.Explaining the role of transformational leadership in crisis management.