Preparation, Characterization, and Nitrofurantion Release Study of ( Casein / Sodium alginate) Microparticles


Casein microparticales including different amounts of sodium alginate were prepared by a solvent evaporation technique, using a (crosslinking) agent. Microparticles were characterized based on the surface morphology, size Distribution, by photomicrographs microscopy and (FT-IR) spectroscopy. Microparticles diameters ranged between (44 - 94.4) µm. The microparticles were also evaluated in-vitro release and kinetics release of Nitrofurantoin (NFT), as a model of the drug. The results displayed that the ratios of released the NFT increase as the concentration of the loaded NFT increases on the Microparticles, and the results also show that with an increase in the Casein , sodium alginate concentration, the NFT release from the Microparaticles decreases. The (R2) of determination-indicated that the release-data was within the movement of the zero order and the Higuchi equation explains that the release of the NFT is carried out according to the mechanism of diffusion. Finally , The results showed that (biological efficiency) for microparticle loaded with NFT exceed biological efficiency against two type bacterial Escherichia coli ,Staphylococcus aurous and one fungal Candida albicans, . .