Prevalence of Cytomegalovirus and its Roles in Cytokines Stimulation in Immunocompromised Patients in Mosul City, Iraq


Cytomegaloviruses (CMV) cause different infections in humans all over the world with a prevalence exceeds 70% in adults and 90% in poorer communities and developing countries. Two hundred immunocompromised patients (cancer, dialysis, thyroid gland, and thalassemia) infected with CMV were subjected to determine CMV seroprevalence and its effect on cytokines expression using advance molecular test (Real time PCR) and Serological ELISA test. The results showed high CMV seroprevalence rate in immunocompromised patients but in low rate in thalassemia patients in Mosul city compared with other cities near Iraq. CMV stimulates upregulation in expression (mRNA transcripts) of three cytokines genes (IL-10, TNF, and CCL2) which affect four key immune pathways which in turn may cause severe complication on patients such as asthma and cytokine storm.