With the increasing population in the world, especially the elderly, there is an urgent need to provide appropriate medical care for them. Therefore, a personal health monitoring system was proposed and implemented, and the results analyzed by artificial intelligence using fuzzy logic. Fuzzy logic has proven to be an effective tool for building smart decision-making systems based on the knowledge and observation of health care practitioners. An Atmega controller was used to achieve the proposed work function, as well as a heart rate pulse sensor and an infrared temperature sensor were Chosen, to measures skin and room temperatures. Fuzzy logic through inputs gives the person a condition, whether it is normal, abnormal, or in danger (degree of risk). Our model is expected to be effective in terms of accuracy, speed, low cost and smarter towards results compared to other prevailing traditional methods. Finally, the proposed system can be developed to make it able to predict the diseases that may happen to a person and also send an alert in the event of a danger.