Efficacy of Etanercept Treatment in Iraqi Patients with Moderate to Severe Psoriasis


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:Etanercept is a tumor necrosis factor (TNF) α inhibitor that has been approved for the treatmentpsoriasis.OBJECTIVE:Assessing the efficacy of etanercept therapy in Iraqi patients with moderate to severe psoriasis.PATIENTS AND METHODS:This study was a therapeutic interventional study at Medical City; center of dermatology andvenereology (Baghdad, Iraq) from January 2017 till June 2018, with 53 patients, 31 (58.49%) malesand 22 (41.51%) females, with 51 patients having moderate to severe plaque psoriasis and 2 patientswith pustular psoriasis. All patients were given 50 mg subcutaneous injection of etanercept twiceweekly for 3 months, followed by single injection of etanercept weekly for the next 9 months.Psoriasis area and severity index calculations were done every 3 months until 1year of treatment.RESULTS:The baseline PASI score changed from a mean ± standard deviation of 24.28 ± 14.56 to 1.62 ± 3.11At the end of 12 months of treatment with a significant difference (P=0.001). Regarding thereduction in the patients' PASI score: At 3 months of treatment, (71.4%) achieved PASI 50, (48.2%)had PASI 75, and (5.35%) had PASI 90, at the 12th month of treatment (75.4%) reached PASI 90,(86.79%) reached PASI 75, &(94.33%) had PASI 50. Side effects were mild and tolerable.CONCLUSION:Etanercept is an effective therapy in treating moderate to severe psoriasis with tolerable side effects.