The Collegians’ Orientation Towards Psychology


The importance of identifying the nature of the trends of individuals about issues or situations are different, the important issue of the current study, however, that the topic of the trend towards psychology has not received much attention of researchers, particularly in Iraq and this Malmesh researchers during the process of gathering resources and information related to the subject of their research, as the problem of the study lies in the feeling of the students that the profession of psychology profession is appropriate for students and is still prevalent belief that psychologists are difficult people to deal with them as individuals, so the goal of current research to:
- to identify trends of university students about psychology.
- to identify the individual differences between the sexes (males and females) in their attitudes towards psychology.
- identify the differences between the specialization of scientific and humanitarian in their attitudes towards psychology.
- identify the differences between the first and fourth in their attitudes towards psychology .
The selected sample was (200) students in a method of class random order to achieve the objectives of the research has been building a tool consisting of (30), paragraph measure students' attitudes toward psychology was also sure of the properties Alsekoumtria to measure results showed that university students have towards negative and a negative view about psychology, there are no differences between males and females in their attitudes towards psychology, while trends were students of scientific specialization positive about psychology, and students of the first phase have had a negative view about psychology while they look at the fourth stage a positive outlook about psychology, the researchers came out a set of recommendations, including:
- the introduction of psychology as a separate subject in all grade levels (middle and junior high and university).
- preparation of teaching staff is qualified to teach this material.