Quality of Life among a Sample of Iraqi Menopausal Women Visiting Primary Health Care Centers in Al-Rusafa Health Directorate of Baghdad


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:The physiological changes associated with menopause can influence women's quality of life. Mostwomen report vasomotor, sexual, psychological and physical symptoms that commonly accompanymenopause, with varying degrees of severity and life disruption.OBJECTIVE:To assess the menopausal symptoms severity and its impact on the quality of life (QoL).PATIENTS AND METHODS:A cross-sectional study was conducted on a convenient sample of 426 women attending in sevenprimary health care centers in Al-Rusafa health directorate of Baghdad for the period from 20th ofFebruary to 20th of June 2017 using the MENQOL questionnaire.RESULTS:The common severe symptoms of women at menopause are low backache (63.6%), aching inmuscles and joints (53.8%),aches in the back of neck or head (52.6%), decrease in the sexual desire(49.5%),dissatisfaction in personal life (46.5%),hot flushes (44.1%)and feeling tired and worn out(43.7%).CONCLUSION:It can be concluded that the most severe symptoms in menopausal women were low backache inthe physical domain, decrease sexual desire in the sexual domain; dissatisfaction in personal lifein the psychosocial domain and hot flushes in the vasomotor domain. The QoL was less affected onthe sexual domain and highly affected on physical domain.