Study the Optical and Structural Properties SnO2 Films Grown by (APCVD)


AbstractIn this research thin films of SnO2 semiconductor have been prepared by using (APCVD) on glass substrates. Our study focusses on prepare SnO2 films with high optical quality at various temperature. The optical transmittance was measured by UV-VIS spectrophotometer. Structure properties were studied by using X-ray diffraction. (XRD) studies; shows the peaks becomes sharper indication to improve the crystallinity, the (110) peak has strongest intensity in all films with increasing growth temperature from (350-500) 0C and the grain size was (31.5nm) which measured by using Scherer equation. (AFM) where use to analyze the morphology of the tine oxides surface, the roughness and average grain size for different temperature have been investigated. Maximum transmission can be measured is (90%) at 400 0C.