Assessment of Immunohistochemical Expression of HER2 Neu and BRCA1 in Colorectal Tumors and it's correlation with Clinicopathological Variables


Background: HER2eu and BRCA1 expression in tumors is consider as a important prognostic marker in relation to the use of adjuvant therapy specially in a patients with worse prognosis in which that result in improvement in their survival. this research was done to assess the HER2eu and BRCA1 immunohistochemical expression in colorectal tumors in correlation with some clinicopathological parameters.Methods: in this study(which was done retrospectively), A 44 cases include22 benign colonic lesions and 22 colonic adenocarcinoma in addition 6 normal resection (non tumors) margin were used as a control group, paraffin embedded archival materials from this cases were collected for the period between Nov 2015- July 2016.the expression of 2 markers (HER2/neu and BRCA1)were assessed and then were correlated with different clinicopathological parameters .Results: the immunohistochemical expression of HER2eu was (45%) of CRC, in (27%) of colorectal polyps and in (4) out of (6) non-neoplastic colonic tissues. HER2eu was expressed more frequently in the colon in about (46%),in female (39%), in the age group of more than 40 years (43%) , in well differentiated adenocarcinoma (67%), in non mucinous adenocarcinoma (90%), in T2 (54%) and the tumor size of more than 4 cm (66%) although the results were statistically not significant.. BRCA1 immunostaining was found in (6%) of colorectal tumor and there were (14%) positive cases of colorectal polyps, the result was statistically not significant. BRCA1 expressed more frequently in the colon (20%), in male (8%) and age group of more than 40 years(10%) the results were statistically not significant. there was no difference in BRCA1 expression between tumor size of more or less than 4 cm . Conclusions: In this study researchers concluded that expression of HER2eu in colorectal tumors (benign and malignant) is not infrequent phenomena , HER2eu expression was obviously increased in non-neoplastic tissues and adenoma, Low expression of BRCA1 in colorectal tumors and no significant correlation of BRCA1 expression in relation to the clinicopathological parameter (age, gender, tumors types, site and size).