Dental Students Evaluation of Two Learning Modalities in Oral Histology


Background In medical education, feedback plays an important role in the assessment of the effectiveness of the adopted methods. Objectives This study was conducted to evaluate two learning modalities followed in the achievement of an oral histologycourse. Materials and Methods Eighty-three second-year students in the college of dentistry in Ibn Sina University of medical and pharmaceutical sciences were assessed for their attendance and scores in oral histology followed two different programs, only seven of the total students’ number could not poll for their preference through a questionnaire. Results The study showed no significant difference in students’ scores of both educational modalities, while there is a highly significant relationship of scores to their attendance. Conclusion Students tend to prefer having both theoretical and practical sessions on the same day. However, students’ final course scores seem unrelated to the educational modality. Further studies regarding the use of different educational sources and their influence need to be considered.