The Effect of Nickel and Aluminum Concentration on Cyclic Oxidation Resistance of Mild Steel (AISI 1020)


Experimental studies have been made to determine the oxidation be heavier ofseveral coatings system on commercial mild steel alloy (AISI 1020). The oxidationkinetics of a single stage coating such as Aluminized and Nickel have been under)1000°C( using a thermal cyclic oxidation.The structures were studied using opticalmicroscope to identify a phases. Most coating use to enhance the formation ofprotective oxid scale, in this research, the results for Nickel coating showed somereduction in resistance of )AISI 1020( alloy and It is found they follow linear ratelaw, but Aluminized coating using a pack – cementation technique, exhibited thegreatest resistance to oxidation, followed parabolic law (protective oxidationbehavior). because it has a good ductility and its capability to form a protective oxidLayer )Al2O3(, such Alumina scale is known as thermally and electrically insulatorand characterized with slow gowning rate.