Impact of methane concentrations on air temperature changes over Iraq and some neighboring regions


Iraq one of the most Middle East countries confronts to climate change, where it faced manyenvironmental challenges the most important of high temperatures above the rate of the natural. TheMethane (CH4) gas work on the absorption of part of the heat inside the atmosphere and prevent theleakage into space and this leads to increase temperature of the air and knows this phenomenon ofglobal warming. The aim of this research is to study the effect of CH4 to increase their concentration inthe atmosphere of temperature variation. Where the data was taken from satellites recorded by theEuropean Centre for medium range weather forecasts (ECMWF). This study choice Iraq and neighborregions from latitude 27 to 37 ºN and longitude from 39 to 50 ºE for years (2003-2016), where westudied the behavior of CH4 gas concentration and its relationship with air temperature variation. Theresult by using correlation coefficient between CH4 and temperature it found that the relationship washigh positive in the all stations of study, where in Baghdad (Iraq) +0.5,and in Mosul (Iraq) +0.4 andalso in Sulamanyah station (Iraq) be +0.5 ,and positive relationship in southern stations of Iraq, as forneighboring regions also be positive were in Batman (Turkey) +0.5, and Amman (Jordan) +0.4 also inAleppo(Syria) +0.4 ,and in Jubail (KSA) correlation coefficient +0.6, and in Ahwaz (Iran) be +0.4