The relationship between an integrated (Gu & Zhu) approach and knowledge Withholding behaviors: the mediating role of knowledge sharing/Case Study at Zain Communications


This study came with the aim of clarifying the contribution of this approach as a regulatory mechanism through which companies can address some of the problems they face. In light of a survey of the opinions of a sample of officials at Zain Communications, about the possibility of using and applying a modern administrative and organizational entrance (WSR approach) to address chronic problems that confuse formulas Work in it. Three variables interacted to form the intellectual framework for this study, namely (WSR approach, knowledge sharing and knowledge Withholding behavior), and the study launched from a problem that was developed through several tracks including reviewing the literature as well as the limitations of relevant studies, in order to know the problems suffered by Zain Communications Company . The sample of the study was identified by (183) officials, departments and units. Used questionnaire as a tool to collect data and information from the sample of the study, and using a set of statistical tools the study came up with conclusions. The most prominent of which was: Clarity of the role of the W.S.R approach as a modern administrative perspective to deal with the problems facing the company and upgrade it in relation to its indicators (characteristics of knowledge, organizational context, individual context) as an attempt to reduce some undesirable behaviors in the work environment as behavior withholding knowledge. The study also presented a number of recommendations, the most important of which was the completion of the current study with other studies. Foremost of which is the development of a plan with specific mechanisms for the possibility of rooting the approach of W.S.R. in Zain Communications, and its implementation development and adoption as a procedural organizational formula field to solve many of the problems facing the company.