Technology and its Impact on Iraqi society: An Anthropological Study of Changes in Dawood Al-Hassan Village in Baghdad


Iraqi society was subjected to major changes in various fields, especially the technological changes that led to major transformations in the social and economic field in the Kurdish community. Dawood Al-Hassan is one of the Iraqi villages located in the city of Tarmiyah and one of the important and large cities in the province of Baghdad. It witnesses social, economic, cultural and political changes.And when we see the change and development that took place in the village, we need to know the cultural environment of the village community through its institutions, knowing the characteristics and functions of these institutions and their components, and knowing the most important changes that took place in them. The study aims to show the change in the ecological system in the village of Dawood Al-Hassan. It also aims to know the most important cultural and technological changes and their impact on the village community. The study relies on the inductive and analytical approach that clarifies scientific facts based on social reality.