The Role of the Economic Crisis in the Laxity of the Process of Building Residential Buildings and the Dimensions of it’s Aesthetic within the Social Values and Social Forces: Erbil as a Model for the period 2014-2018


The Role of the economic Crisis in Slowing Down the Process of building Residential Buildings and Reducing their Aesthetics Within the Prevailing social values in Society – in Erbil The construction of residential buildings is a process that falls within the urban planning of a city and is basically a complex of details and dimensions and plays a leading role in defining the features of its aesthetics and the established social values. And that the economic factor has the lion's share in the dimensions of this march. The researcher finds that during the stages of economic prosperity there is a noticeable growth of residential buildings, but in other cases, such as the existence of a crisis, this process suffers from inaction. Our aim in this research that relies on the comparative analytical approach is to explain and study the pioneering role of this crisis in this development process. we divided the research into the following sections: What is meant by the economic crisis? The dimensions of the economic crisis, its features and causes? What are the social values related to the buildings that are affected by the economic crisis mentioned above? The impact of the social and geographical environment and its dependence on the plans of residential buildings and their impact on the economic crisis. It can be said that housing is an essential need of the basic human needs and an element of its permanence, as it develops housing from one state to another according to the economic, social and cultural developments witnessed by society. The common type of housing in many societies is horizontal and vertical. Vertical housing takes precedence in many countries of the world, especially the major countries. In Iraq, the construction of vertical housing began in the last quarter of the twentieth century, as a result of the increasing population, especially in major cities such as the city of Baghdad as the capital of Iraq and Basra and Mosul, as the major cities after the capital in terms of their population and the number of vertical housing. Buildings that were newly created. And in the city of Erbil, its signs started almost after 2003, that vertical construction is the alternative to stopping the horizontal expansion of cities, and at the same time, an appropriate solution to the problem of housing in large and crowded cities. In social terms, there are many people who prefer apartments, especially small families or newlyweds. Vertical housing, if planning standards and appropriate designs are applied, may be successful and attractive to settlement, as in residential complexes with integrated services, recreational, cultural and social activities.