Employing the Values of Artistic And Aesthetic Education included in Animated Films to Draw Up a Strategy for Continuous Education for Teachers of Artistic Education


The current research aims to: 1.Analysis of the content of animated films and to verify the values of artistic and aesthetic education and to limit these values.2.Drawing up a strategy to employ these values in continuous education for artistic education in Iraq The research community included animated films showed on Mbc2. Six long narrated films were selected that were aired through that channel during the period between (1-10-2017) until (1-3-2018). They were chosen randomly among (24) long narrated films aired during that period, where a narrated animation film is shown during one week. To achieve the goal of the research, the researcher designed a tool that fits the goal of the research and extracted the values included in the research sample, and presented it to a group of experts, in the field of fine arts to verify the validity of the tool. After analyzing the films within the research sample, it appeared that (80%) of the values of artistic education and (88%) of the values of aesthetic education that we try to instill in the learner during formal education is found in animated films, which is a very-good and sufficient percentage of confidence in the possibility of animated films instilling these values in the learner even after the end of the period of formal education.