Effect of the X-Ray on the Etch Rate Velocities (VB and VD) of the Nuclear Track Detector CR-39


The paper aims to study the effect X-Ray on different parameters of the nuclear track detector CR-39 irradiated with alpha particle. The parameters are tracks diameter, the Bulk etch rate, Track diameter growth rate. The detectors were exposed to X-Ray of voltage 5 kV and current 0.01 mA for different periods of time (0.5-2.5) h with step 0.5 h before and after irradiation with alpha particles of energy 2.5MeV emitted from 241Am source. It was found that the detector response in the case of irradiation with (X-ray+Alpha) is greater than that in the case (Alpha+X-ray) as compared to the slandered one irradiated with alpha particles only. It was also found that the track diameters and the bulk etch rate increase with the progress of the exposure time to X-ray for both cases, before and after irradiation with alpha particles.