The Internal Leadership Environment and its Role in Reducing the Elements of Organizational Silence : An Analytical Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Leaders at Al-Hamdaniya University


The main aim of this study is to know the relationship and impact of internal entrepreneur and organizational silence. In order to achieve the aims of the study, A hypothetical diagram has been built. The diagram states the relationship between independent variable (internal entrepreneur) including : structural flexibility, entrepreneurial culture, top management support, motivations and rewards, and the communication among employees, with the dependent variable (organizational silence) including : loneliness, Managers fear of feedback, employees fear of negative reactions, lack of experience, weakness of communication. Several hypotheses have been formulated. 40 questionnaire copies have been distributed on a sample of leaders at the University of Al-Hamdaniya in different levels. 50 leaders represent the research community . Some statistical tool used for the Description purpose. The main result is that the internal entrepreneur environment could decrease the organizational silence, beside high relation between the two variables especially the top management support with organizational silence.