Parametric Studies on Solar Performance of Iwan in Traditional Houses in Sulaymaniyah’s old Town


Iwan, also Eyvan, is strongly associated with the architecture of the Middle East. It has been widely used as a space to serve different purposes in various types of traditional buildings such as mosques, palaces, and houses. This study focuses on the environmental aspects of iwan. The research investigates the effects of changing the exposure degrees of iwan on its insolation within traditional houses in Sulaymaniyah’s old town. Both Energy Plus and Google SketchUp programs were used to make a 3D model and perform energy simulation analyzing for a typical building with iwan in different proportions, similar to what exists in the region. Furthermore, weather data of Sulaymaniyah (latitude 36°) is used in the simulation process. Several main geometrical variables are affecting the exposure degrees of iwan in Sulaymaniyah: performance noticeably. Moreover, the results examine to what extend iwan can be used in buildings as a climatic responsive design strategy in Sulaymaniyah.