Modified Approach for Tuning Fractional Order PID Controller (FOPID) Using Intelligent Control Techniques


Many controllers are used to enhance the output responses for the complex system but there are several problem appear when classical controller are used therefore the world directed toward the intelligent control techniques to solve complex problem. In this paper the intelligent techniques are integrated with Fractional order PID controller (FOPID), to enhance the output response for the overall system. FOPID is a PID controller but its derivative parameter and integral parameter are fractional numbers not integers and it is consists of five parameters (KP, KI, Kd, α, β), these parameters are extracted and tuned by genetic algorithms, new performance criterion is used in this paper, by collecting the time response parameter (rise time , peak time, settling time ) with integral squire error ISE to produce good performance index ,finally the proposed approach has been tested and compared with another controllers. The simulation has been performed using MATLAB