An experiment was carried out at the vegetable Field Test of the Horticulture Department - College of Agriculture - Diyala University to study the impact of the use of organic fertilizers in the growth and yield of three hybrids of broccoli (Balimo, Green majic and Zone) in successive season 2015-2016, While organic fertilizers included the three types of animal decomposing organic waste (cows, sheep, and poultry) were added 5% of the volume of soil in addition to the treatment control (without fertilizer). The comparison between the averages of transactions using polynomial Duncan test at 5% probability was used. There were significant differences among hybrids for some of the traits as the superiority of hybrid Green majic hybrid significantly superior in Branches number per plant, while hybrids Green and majic Balimo had significant effect on plant dry weight of the soft edge on the hybrid Zone. Zone hybrid significantly superior in total curd yield, hybrid Balimo recipe in the percentage of potassium in the curds. The results showed superiority types of organic fertilizers of animal compared with control treatment of the most studied traits, and noted outweigh poultry manure, which gave the highest values in the qualities of plant height, wet weight of plant, number of branches, total main heads yield, and the percentage of the element nitrogen, superiority the sheep manure in the percentage of phosphorus in heads, cattle manure gave the highest values in content curds of potassium, gave a control treatment (without fertilizer), and lower values of all the qualities that.