The impact of virtual reality systems on social values


AbstractThe objective of the research is to describe the positive and negative effects of virtual reality on social values? The importance of the research from seeking to find appropriate ways to take advantage of the virtual reality in the maintenance and maintenance of positive social values and the researcher used the research platform documentary and the researcher reached a number of results، including: 1. The contemplator of the reality of the virtual gatherings on their different formations-realizes that these relationships and their continuous involvement lead to a rupture at the social level. These virtual relationships lead to a break with friends، living quarters، and even family. 2. Consuming the time of the individual in relationships out of the framework of physical relations to swim in the individual in a new space is the symbolic space، but this pessimistic view occurs when the virtual interactions to exceed the actual interactions of the individual. The researcher reached a number of recommendations، including: Religious values are the most important thing to be taught to children through dialogue. This definitely does not eliminate other values، such as national and social values ... all of which are linked to religious religious values. They are the basis، the origin and the origin، and their immunity is a great barrier to the values and influences of virtual societies. Other. 2. It is important to take care of the moral aspect when dealing with the modern media and communication and friction and exposure to messages and communicate with the contents; the seriousness of the contents of the contents of the messages and may be contrary to our ethics.